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Surrogacy In Thailand

CEO, Mr. Benhur Samson’s Surrogacy Abroad Inc., has been a pioneer in the world of surrogacy, bridging the gap of medical tourism, doctors, and our Intended Parents. SAI takes pride in the fact that we help make hundreds of Intended Parents’ dreams come true by achieving their vision of parenthood.

 SAI now also has offices in Bangkok, Thailand, to further expand on this great vision of parenthood. Bangkok boasts some of the best medical services the world has to offer, including IVF and surrogacy. While we have expanded our horizons across multiple countries, it is SAI’s aim to keep surrogacy at the low, affordable cost that we have always taken pride in, with the added benefit of helping single and gay parents achieve their dreams of parenthood. With Thailand’s friendly surrogacy laws, SAI endeavors to make Bangkok a major hub for single and gay Intended Parents’ aspirations of parenthood come true.

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Home Surrogacy In Thailand