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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Quote LeftDean and I are very happy to say that we have had and hope to continue having an excellent experience with Surrogacy Abroad. Benhur, Kavita, Shweta, and anyone else we have come in contact with through either phone, emails, or in person have been very helpful to answer all of our questions, help lessen our concerns and fears, while being honest but hopeful for the outcome of us becoming parents. Everyone on the team is very professional and has been quick to respond to any questions we have had or if we had a concern to correct any issues we have had in a timely manner.Quote Right
Kim And Dean
Quote LeftOur experience with Surrogacy Abroad has been very positive and at every step of the way, our client coordinators were very prompt and thorough with their responses. We would definitely refer Surrogacy Abroad to other people and already have mentioned the services to some people. The agency really prides itself on making its clients feel completely at ease with the whole process. They go out of their way to answer all the clients’ questions and put the client’s fears to rest. While in India, I cannot give enough praise to the client coordinators who orchestrate the whole process flawlessly and completely take care of all the arrangements. Our coordinators, were truly exceptional. Quote Right
Quote LeftWhile in India for our process, we felt like the client coordinators were like family. We had actually lost a computer at the airport on our return to the USA and our coordinator, went out of her way and spent an entire day at the airport and was finally able to retrieve our computer. It was then that I knew she was more of a friend helping another friend out in need. In addition, whether there was good news to be shared or bad news, the coordinators always picked up the phone to deliver the news, making it so personal. We also thoroughly enjoyed visiting the home of the Samson’s before our surrogacy procedure began. They are so warm and inviting and again, wholeheartedly put all our fears to rest. Quote Right
Vandana Jain
Quote LeftWe take immense joy to thank the entire team for making this journey fulfilling for us and will be ever so grateful. After struggling with treatments for years the desire to have a family brought us to the road of Surrogacy, we were overwhelmed to find out that this could indeed help us realize our dreams. The client coordinators are a wealth of knowledge and never let us feel hesitant to ask anything. They understood in true sense that we did seek comfort and guidance which we got in every step of the way. No question was small; no request was insignificant which made us feel at home and less nervous during the process as we had great support through it. We are back home now the baby is healthy and she brings us joy every moment of the day, we are happiest then we have ever been thank you so much for everything.Quote Right
Quote LeftWe had our beautiful baby last year in Hyderabad with the help of the Surrogacy abroad team. We feel truly indebted for this gift of parenthood; they helped us get through our initial fears and apprehensions till we had complete faith and were so very patient with us through the entire time. We also were very pleased with the prompt responses we got which helped us become confident about the process. Quote Right
New York
Quote LeftIt is wonderful to see your entire team helping so many parents like us through a difficult and give us hope to believe nothing is impossible. The trip was fantastic, India is a very intriguing country and people very polite and hospitable which explains that our client coordinators went out of their way to make sure we had no problem through the entire process. They made our journey less stressful, comfortable it was so good to see everybody handling problems with so much poise, no matter what issue came up they were quick to find a solution which made us really relax as we had complete faith that we were in good hands. We were guided in a detailed manner from the start to the end. It almost became like a family when we were back home and got calls and regular updates it was like our family calling us to give a good news every time, I cannot even describe how excited and overjoyed we were with every call and could not wait to go to India to bring our baby home. When the day came we could not contain ourselves WE were PARENTS!!! It was an unbelievable moment saying it out loud and the whole team shared our joy never letting us feel the lack of family there. We are eternally grateful and have let all our friends and family know about our experience and hope through us SAI can help more parents realize their dreams. All the very best to the entire SAI team, keep spreading the joy!! Quote Right
Randy Smith
Quote LeftThanks for all the dedicated support and work of your wonderful team for making us proud parents. We now have a complete family and no words can express the emotions the day we saw our baby for the first time. Keep up the good work it is much appreciated.Quote Right
Doreen Davis
New Jersey.
Quote LeftDear Vibha & Surrogacy Abroad, I would just like to complement you on your excellent staff and standards at the clinic in Mumbai. I am so thoroughly pleased with the service. The doctor is so nice and having everything organised and in one place is the most awesome. I am definitely recommending your services. Quote Right
Quote LeftJust wanted to make sure you knew how special you have been through this process. We hope our babies continue to thrive without complications. Paresh called me last night when he saw them for the first time and since I've known him, this is the first time I heard him crying-sobbing, in fact. He was in awe of just being a father. You have definitely helped us so much in getting to this stage and I just want you to know what a special place you have in our hearts. Thank you so so much. I don't know if I sent you the initial pictures of them but I'll send them to you.Take care and talk to you soon.Quote Right
Vandana and Paresh
Quote LeftFrom the bottom of our hearts, Paresh and I want to thank you for helping to accomplish our dream yesterday. We are so honored and humbled to be parents, let alone on Diwali. A year ago we met you, and knew from the start that not only were you just working for surrogacy abroad, but a true friend. I know I have been challenging at times, but I think you know, being A mom, you would do anything for the well being of your children. You have an amazing grace and I just wanted to full heartedly thank you. I wish I could give you a big hug in person. I didn't want to forget telling you how much you have meant to us in this process. You are really a phenomenal person/friend. Thank you for helping us to get here. Happy happy Diwali as welQuote Right
Vandana and Paresh

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