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Our state of the art clinics are centrally located in the heart of the cities of Bangalore and Hyderabad providing you the ease to commute from airport. They provide complete state of the art equipments which are the latest and newest in the industry.

Ultrasound Room

With facility of diagnostic and Intervention, ultrasound with the Colour Doppler, APOGEE

 Biochemistry Lab

 Equipped with all instruments required for routine Biochemical and hormone testing.

IUI Room

 Separate rooms to carry out IUI & patient recovery rooms.

 IVF Lab

 Our high-tech lab consists of advanced air jacket and water jacket CO2 incubators to nurture the embryos. We have integrated laminar airflow systems to provide sterile work place for oocyte handling and sperm preparation. It is also equipped with stereo zoom microscope with micromanipulator for ICSI procedure. It also has a positive pressure module fitted, which ensures ultra pure air in the workstation. An air shower to blow off any last traces of pollutants is also installed. We have embryo freezer facility to freeze the excess embryos.


 Ultramodern theatre equipped for Oocyte pick up & embryo transfer.

Operative Video Laproscopy

 Facility offered for patients with PCOD, endometriosis and Fibriod which needs removal, Periovarian and peritubal adhe-sions.

Cryopreservation Room

Equipped with embryo freezer and cryocans for sperm and embryo freezing.


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Address : John Hancock Center
875 N. Michigan Ave.
Suite 3100
Chicago, IL 60611

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