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Gay Surrogacy in Nepal

Along with Surrogacy Abroad Inc. working in India to help make Intended Parents’ dreams of parenthood come true, the company has also expanded across shores toward Nepal. One of the primary reasons is because of Nepal’s surrogacy laws, or lack thereof, when in regards to single and gay parents.

SAI has always held a firm belief that there is no difference between a heterosexual and homosexual couple. The end product that the baby always receives is love, affection and adoration, and most of all, undying commitment from our Intended Parents. At SAI, we aim to bridge the gap for ALL Intended Parents, very much including the LGBT community. We take pride in the process of making babies and achieving the aspirations of parenthood,especially for those who have tried every method to become a parent but cannot. It is with love, pride, and a sense of dedication to our IPs that SAI has expanded its vision across to Kathmandu, Nepal, to achieve many more people’s dreams of parenthood!

Surrogay in Thailand

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