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faq1. How are the ED / Surrogates recruited?

The IVF Clinic has a wide variety of egg donors ready to donate at any given time.

2. Will the Intended Parents be able to select an Egg Donor before hand?

Yes, the clinic will make the profiles of the Egg Donors available to the IP's. Please note that as this is an anonymous egg donation program. Thus, neither egg sharers nor the egg donors will be allowed to meet with the intended parents.

3. How does Surrogacy Abroad ensure the integrity of this medical procedure?

One of our staff members will be present in the clinic at the time of the Ovum (egg) pick-up of the donor. Later on Surrogacy Abroad can also assist you to confirm this via a DNA test (optional).

4. When are the contracts signed and under which laws?

All the Contracts would be drafted by the Solicitors and sent across to you and they will be subject to Indian jurisdiction.

5. How many Embryos are implanted by the clinic?

India has some of the friendliest ART laws.Our clinics can transfer upto 4 embryos with the intent to maximize our chances of pregnancy.

6. What is a typical profile of women wanting to become a surrogate mother in India?

She would have her own child or children and be between 25-35 years of age. The surrogate would have to clear some basic pathological and certain baseline medical investigations. Additionally, Surrogacy Abroad would also conduct a Psychological assessment of the Surrogate.

7. How long is the whole protocol from down regulation to embryo implantation?

Sperm donor is required to be in India for 3 days. The egg donor must be in India for 5 - 10 days so that the cycle and stimulation may be closely monitored by the clinic staff. After successful egg retrieval and fertilization, the implantation will take place 3 days later.

8. What if we use our own eggs? Will that mean I will have to stay longer in Hyderabad than the usual 3 weeks it takes for the whole process of surrogacy?

Both parents will be required to stay for a maximum of three weeks.

9. How often can we keep in contact with the surrogate during her pregnancy?

The clinics in conjunction with Surrogacy Abroad would make arrangements for this.

10. We don't need a surrogate or a donor. All I want is IVF done on myself.

We will just need you to undergo the screening tests prior to starting the cycle. You will need to send us a copy of all the reports. The clinic will then begin the cycle at the earliest. Your maximum stay will be for two weeks. Once Surrogacy Abroad coordinates your case, we will consult with the clinic and guide you accordingly so that you can plan your trip.

11. What is the success rate of the partner IVF clinic?

We provide you with 2 surrogacy mothers; (super package) includes up to 4 embryo transfers, so chances of success is above 90%. Our partner clinics have helped more than 1500 babies to be born in the last 10 years.

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