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Surrogacy for HIV Positive

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Almost everyone wishes to have kids and there is not any difference even for people with HIV. However, in the medical field, it is dangerous for people with HIV to have kids since there is always a big chance for the baby to get affected. It is a big sacrifice for those people not to have kids. Fortunately today, even HIV positive people can already have kids if they prefer. That is through surrogacy. Surrogacy for HIV positive people has been granted in 2006. It is thanks to the advancement in technology that the modern world is continuously developing. Through this process, even people with HIV are now able to become biological parents. Ever since this period, almost 50 babies are being born to HIV parents. And, the number is continuously growing every year.

Several technologies were developed to give people with HIV a chance to become parents. One of these is HART or HIV Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Some questions and answers concerning surrogacy for HIV positive people are the following:


Is It Safe To Utilize Sperm That Comes From A Person With HIV To Create Embryos?

Yes. In this program, the goal is to take all steps there is. It is done to ensure the safety and health of the surrogate as well as intended parents of the child. It is ensured by using the most advanced assisted reproduction techniques and laboratory testing along with preventive measures. In over 4,000 reported cases of utilization of the technology, there was zero case of transmission either to the baby or the surrogate. All medical professionals who are expert in HART even believe that it is still safe and transmission would not occur even without the safety precautions that were prepared.

Will the Intended Parents also Live with Similar Longevity as the Non-HIV Positive Parents?

Yes. It has been assured that parents who decided to participate in the program can live as long as those without the infection. For one, every single parent is going through an extensive screening process to check their health. It is done before they get admitted to undergo the program. It is designed in a way that will ensure that the HIV viral load is going to be undetected. It is also done to ensure that their health status is totally acceptable when they start the program.

Sperm Washing Method

It is another means to enable surrogacy for HIV positive people. Some clinics do not offer service for HIV positive intended parents, but there is still a long list of ones that a person can turn to. There are also plenty of affordable clinics that offer means for HIV positive men and women to have kids.

Sperm washing is among the methods done in these clinics. It is the first ever used means in Italy. The oldest child that was conceived through this method is already 11 years old and is HIV-safe. There are already hundreds of babies that were born through the process.

These technologies made it more than possible for even HIV-positive people to have kids. With surrogacy for HIV positive people now available and allowed, anyone who wishes to be a parent can become one.

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