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Gay Parenting Myths

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Some countries permit gay relationships. So, it did not take long for gay parenting to be possible as well. However, even the possibility of this from occurring is surrounded with so many myths. Some you may have already heard, but many of you would be first-timers in learning these myths. Some of the myths that are revolving around gay parenting myths include:

Myth: Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Individuals Do Not Have Kids

Fact: In Scotland, there is no official data that detail the number of parents who are proclaimed LGBT. However, based on a research that was conducted by Beyond Barriers, it is estimated that there is an approximation of 1 out of 5 LGBT who are parents. This 1 from LGBT can either be a parent, have children or are co-parents. The study involves LGBT parents who have bore children when they were still in a heterosexual relationship. However, it was reported from the last years that many LGBT people are deciding to plan and form families of their own.  As such, they now obtained the description gay-by-boom.


Myth: Families Made Up of LGBT Parents Cannot Be Considered as Real Families

Fact: LGBT parents change nappies, help their kids do their homework, also worry about childcare, cook dinners and read their children bedtime stories. They also take the time off just to care for their kids. In all these, it is seen that they do the same things that regular parents do. All of these are done for the purpose of nurturing their children. Unfortunately, LGBT parents along with their kids are often discriminated and prejudiced because of this. Discrimination occurs from health care professionals, doctors, schools and nurseries and even by their extended families. Most of the time, the parents often work hard to prove that the love, commitment and support they give to their kids define the real meaning of a family and not the gender identity or the parents’ sexual orientation.

Myth: Children Who are Raised by LGBT Parents Do not have Proper Male as well as Female Role Models

Fact: It is another of the gay parenting myths. It is a myth because every child is able to find their role models in the environment they are in and involved. And, LGBT parents also ensure that their kids have positive and consistent contact with grandparents, uncles and aunts, teachers, neighbors and friends. It is also a myth since positive role models are in plenty of forms.

Myth: It is Safer for Kids of LGBT Parents to Not Talk Anything About Their Families

Fact: Not talking concerning something can mean that something is wrong in relation to the subject. Just like others who are commonly discriminated, parents are the ones who help their kids in coping up with it. As for LGBT parents, they are the ones who assist their kids to learn how to handle anything that is anti-LGBT prejudice.

 These are just some examples of the gay parenting myths, but there is still more of . And, in all these myths, it is seen that discrimination also happens. The worst is these people only wished to have a child yet it’s seen as if it comes at a high price – a price that affects even the kids.

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