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Advantages of Surrogacy

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Babies are considered to be blessings from above. They complete the family members, give happiness and serve as a hope for all the people around them. Nowadays, there are innumerable couples and even individuals who are aiming to have their own babies. But sometimes, this goal is not achieved because of certain problems like miscarriage history, medical complications or because of the old aged mother-to-be.

After several years of finding solution to the problem, surrogacy has now been discovered and practiced by some countries. Surrogacy is giving the parents a chance of having their own babies with the help of another woman. That woman is to carry the baby for nine months and to assure its health while it is inside her womb. Surrogacy has been an extremely controversial issue of the present time.

It is a crucial arrangement wherein a woman delivers and carries a baby for another person or couple. Surrogacy provides an intended woman with the chance of having a baby who is completely or partially genetic offspring of her despite the fact that she is not capable of bearing and creating the baby within her womb.


The church is against to this system of birth giving. It often forbids the couples to engage in that process of gaining a child. With this thought in mind, learning about the advantages and disadvantages of surrogacy can be helpful. Surrogacy brings about several advantages to both parties involved.

The surrogate mother will be receiving several benefits, but also has to render service and assurance to the intended parents. She will be having the chance to help a couple build their happy family. She will also be earning money from the procedure. All the expenditures will be carried by the intended parents and she will be receiving sufficient needs and even some of her wants during the nine months of bringing the baby within her. She can perform a selfless act because of kindness to other people.

But despite the several benefits, the surrogate mother might also be at risk of pregnancy-related ailments like diabetes or she can even feel attached to the baby. But these problems can be easily managed if she and the intended parents will work hand-in-hand.

While surrogacy is assuring the intended parents of having their own babies, it can still challenge their psychological and emotional aspects as parents. Of course, the process is not easy and upon undergoing such arrangement, they must be ready enough to face all the challenges and troubles that might come their way.

There are also cases that even if the couple has both agreed to the surrogacy process, it might not still be accepted by their relatives, friends and other people around them. Therefore, there is a great need for the parents to take their time in making their decisions and to analyze deeply all the consequences and factors involved in the process before engaging in it. 

Choosing who their surrogate mother will be is also somehow controversial. There are some cases that the intended couple chooses their friend of relative to stand as the surrogate mother of their baby-to-be. This can lead to some unfavorable issues when not managed righteously, legally, emotionally and medically. 

For that reason, most of the intended parents choose their surrogate mother in the surrogacy agency. These agencies carefully screen and interview the potential surrogates who can serve for the couples who will decide to use the process. But this approach can sometimes lead to the idea that the baby is a stranger since it was brought by a stranger surrogate.

The surrogate mother also receives several benefits and disadvantages. One benefit is that she will be compensated at all the times due to her vital role in the process. However, the surrogate, in return, must clearly understand the lengthy emotional and medical process that she has to undergo before, during and even after the pregnancy period.

There are also lots of time considerations that must be watched out by the intended couple. Before beginning the pregnancy period, they must first spend time in familiarizing and knowing more about the method.

The biggest advantage that will surely conquer all those disadvantages is that whatever happens, in the end, the loving parent/s will be having a baby to love and care for.


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